The Corruptio of Perin is about a land called Perin and the Hogwartsian magical blight that is a result of a typographical error on the part of the author. ‘Corruptio’ has withered Perin by way of an economical shit-to-fan scenario. So pervasive are the effects of ‘corruptio’ that the author is not able to edit them out of existence. Fucking metamagic, readers.

Perin is an island continent of not-insignificant size. It is home to orcs, dwarves, elves, halflings, humans, and the full array of genetic diversity in between. Races such as a tieflings and dragonborn are rumored to have existed in millennia long past, but their cultures and lineage have long since disappeared.

Racial homelands are divided geographically among stereotypical conditions. The elves and their old ways reside in the woods in the north central portion of the continent. Butting against this are the dwarf holds of the eastern mountains. The southwestern wastelands, which are anything but, are held by orcish guilds and tribes. Halflings from the southern hills count their ancestral hearth homes as old as most of the dwarven holy sites. Humans operate the space in between and cramp themselves into the central city of Peridan. Periden itself marks the origin place of many of the high elf families. Thusly, it is also a tall city peaked by alabaster spires that teem with magic. A great frozen world exists along the far northern shore of Perin. And the northwest corner is choked of life by a terrible plague called The Unbeing.

The gods of Perin take a hands off approach, save a few.

The Corruptio of Perin

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