Harrigan "Gone Tomorrow"

The stranger in the dark blue cloak


Harrigan is a tall man with chiseled featues atop a lean frame. Though his face is often hidden beneath a deep cowl, his blue eyes shine with life. .The sandy blond hair atop his head is chin length and wind-combed and his facial hair is a few days past stubble.

He moves with keen efficiency that isn’t without a certain grace. As evidenced by his prowess in combat on the bridge over Kogan’s Reach, his talent with a bow has been honed to mastery. Quick to assess and act, he is every bit as terrifying when surveying the field.


Harrigan is in the employ of Lorris the Stalk. He was in the middle of a job outriding to survey sites for Lorris when The Seven began their assault on the guardsmen of Kogan’s Reach.

When the tides seemed to be turning against our heroes, Harrigan assisted, thinking them to be a team of Lorris’ men who had acted too quickly. This suggests that Harrigan and Lorris have interests that pertain to ousting the Union and commandeering some of its resources.

Harrigan "Gone Tomorrow"

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