The Corruptio of Perin

The Caravan
Back of the bus

Our story opens upon six merry travelers on their way to the central city of Periden. Periden has been sealed by royal decree. Admittance into the city is strictly prohibited through any means other than a Union caravan.

These caravans move west from the city and crawl counterclockwise along a sprawling highway that is known as The Wheel. A trip around the wheel takes approximately two weeks.

Caravan seats are extremely expensive. Expensive enough that families have been known to hawk their priceless family heirlooms just to afford a coach seat for a single child. Craftsmen who cannot afford the cost are allowed to work off the price of the ticket once the caravan reaches the city. It is an extremely arduous process that is often fraught with fines, taxes, laughable exchange rates of goods to currency, and of course extortion and bribery. It is almost unheard of for an unaffiliated person to enter his or her caravan with steel armament or fine metal jewelry of any kind. Our unfortunate heroes have managed to peddle all but the barest essentials for the price of their tickets.

And then they were riding together, facing each other in awkward assessment. It became clear to several of them that their presence was not appreciated and that there were fewer guards toward the back, where their coach was placed, than there was at the front, where the richer families were located. This becomes a factor of some importance when one considers the danger on open road during a trek that will last several days. Furthermore, though they are tough, the heroes are most unarmed and vulnerable to many kinds of attack.

The group decided individually that purchasing a ticket may have come at too high a cost and so they set out, individually, to reacquire their belongings. This did not go as well as hoped, but it did garner a bit more attention from the caravan guard. The heroes returned to their assigned seating aboard Coach: Ugly Ones and awaited a more suitable opportunity.

This opportunity came at a checkpoint along The Wheel known as Kogan’s Reach.

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