Brak, Chief of the Stone Scar Clan

An intelligent goblin with a knack for seizing opportunity


Brak is appropriately sized for a goblin. He is neither tall nor short, not particularly swaying in one direction or the other with regard to musculature or build. His hair is jet black and greasy.

He does possess more knowledge of the common tongue than his associates. This suggests that he is either more intelligent or more traveled than his clansmen. Perhaps this is indicative of a bend toward ambition.


He took an arrow to the chest from Varis. An arrow that nearly killed him. Elowyn spared him from death, but Halftooth’s arrow extraction pushed him nearer the grave still. In the end, his companions saw the heroes’ fondness of Brak and treated it as favor.

In the battle of Blood Rock Mine, Brak and his two lieutenants distinguished themselves by rallying against the Blood Rock clan and allying with The Seven. When The Seven overthrew the authority held by the shaman leaders of the Blood Rock clan, Brak seized the opportunity and reformed the clan’s remnants into a new clan of his own image: The Stone Scar clan. A reference not only to locale, the wound that nearly took him, but his own fortitude. Bold, Brak. Bold.

Brak, Chief of the Stone Scar Clan

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